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The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech is one of the nation's most prominent programs in both graduate and undergraduate civil and environmental engineering education.  Our programs provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals of engineering and science combined with technical expertise in specialized areas of the field.

The School has 50 tenure-track faculty members who are leading experts in their disciplines. Our faculty members lead academic instruction and research activities within the School.


Bachelor's in Civil Engineering

Students present their origami bike helmet at the fall 2018 "trade show" for Glaucio Paulino's Origami Engineering course. Students created projects to solve social problems using the principles of origami. (Photo: Amelia Neumeister)

The four-year curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering prepares our graduates to enter professional practice as an engineer or to continue their studies and earn a master's or doctoral degree. The degree program is designed to offer depth in the course material considered essential for all civil engineers along with the flexibility to select elective courses that meet students' interests and expose them to the breadth of civil engineering specialties.

We contribute to society in numerous ways, so civil engineers must master the technical aspects of our work while also learning to effectively work with a wide range of people and with professionals in many different fields. Our graduates work in planning and design, construction, research and development, operations, and maintenance. They also pursue careers in law, medicine, banking, real estate and more.

Degree Requirements

This list details requirements for earning the Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering, a diagram of prerequisites and corequisites, and a projected schedule of undergraduate courses. Please note that the flowcharts are unofficial records. Be certain you verify all course requirements through DegreeWorks and the appropriate Georgia Tech catalog.

Catalog Year For Students Who Started.... CE Curriculum
2018-2019 Summer '18, Fall '18, Spring '19 PDF, Excel
2017-2018 Summer '17, Fall '17, Spring '18 PDF, Excel
2016-2017 Summer '16, Fall '16, Spring '17 PDF, Excel
2015-2016 Summer '15, Fall '15, Spring '16 PDF, Excel
2014-2015 Summer '14, Fall '14, Spring '15 PDF, Excel


CE Tracks

Some students choose to concentrate their elective courses within one area of civil engineering to further specialize within their chosen field of study. However, choosing a track is OPTIONAL. These are the tracks available to guide students in focusing their studies. You should refer to the appropriate Georgia Tech General Catalog or contact the Student Services Office for more information and specific course recommendations.

Construction ManagementEnvironmental Systems
Geotechnical SystemsStructural Systems
Transportation Systems


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