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  • Georgia Tech Editorial Style Guide, Boilerplate Copy, and Writing for the Web
  • Georgia Tech Media & Public Relations, Social Media, and Communications Guidelines
  • Faculty: Request Institute media training
  • Defining Campus News: What is considered campus news, how Georgia Tech finds news, and campus publication placement is determined.
  • What's news in CEE? Almost anything that helps us tell our story and reflects the positive impact we have on the world. Some guidelines to keep in mind:
    • Faculty or student research that will be published soon AND that would be of interest to a wider audience. We prefer to time the release of a news story to the release of the publication, so let us know three to four weeks ahead of time.
    • Alumni making a difference in the world or winning prestigious recognition from their peers or industry groups.
    • New grants or research funding that is significant or for a particularly unusual or groundbreaking project.
    • Fieldwork on research projects that will involve students. Please let us know ahead of time so we can plan the appropriate coverage. Sometimes we will write a story beforehand, sometimes afterward.
    • Student awards, scholarships and fellowships.
    • Faculty awards Be prepared to help us characterize the importance of the award and why it reflects positively on the School.
    • Interesting outreach events organized by students or faculty.
    • We’re always looking for interesting or unique students to profile. Please keep us in mind as you encounter engaging and accomplished young people in your classes and labs.
  • Have a news story idea? Email CEE Communications with the details.

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