Door Access Request

If you wish to request access into a CEE facility after normal business hours, please complete the form below which will be emailed to the the advisor you list below for acceptance consideration.

Be sure to answer all of the questions and provide a detailed justification for your request in the spaces provided.

Remember, access is granted for students and non-employees of CEE only if they have office space in the requested building or if they are working on a research project with a CEE faculty member.

* Access requests to the Structures lab must go through a member of the faculty within the Structures Group.

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Terms of Use
No food or drink is allowed anywhere in the lab. You will be asked to leave if you enter the lab with food or drink.Do not litter.No smoking.No loud or boisterous behavior is allowed in the lab.No software should be installed on the lab systems.Recreational activity (i.e. checking email & surfing the net) is allowed, but you may be asked to leave if students are waiting for computers.Never turn off any computer. If you run into a problem, please ask the UA for assistance.You will take the full responsibility for your own account, so be sure to log out after you have finished your work and do not let anyone else use your account.Every account has a limited disk quota. You will receive a warning message if you have exceeded the limit. Each account will also have limited CPU time. If you exceed the limit, your account will be deactivated until the next semester.Do not lock a machine for more than 15 minutes. The UA will override the locked machine and log you out if this happens.Other rules and guidelines may be instituted as necessary.Students who are found to continually break the rules are subject to having their user account deactivated and/or being referred to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.
Undergrads should select --- Undergrad --- for the field above unless you are requesting access to the Structures Lab or the Daniel Lab. Access to those facilities will require faculty approval. Please select the appropriate member from the dropdown list. All grads should select their faculty advisor.